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Sapura Unveils Mission-Critical Broadband Solution for Global Markets

(Starting from the left) At the recent LIMA 2023, Tan Sri Shahril Shamsudin, the president and group CEO of Sapura, showed SST's Mission Critical Broadband technology to Home Minister Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail. He did this with the help of SST's chief operating officer of public safety and defence business, Shakir Badri Serpudin. Photo credit: NST

Sapura Secured Technologies (SST), a unit of Sapura Group, has launched an innovative mission-critical broadband solution for diverse industries. Designed to meet the needs of public safety, emergency, and enforcement agencies, the technology utilizes 4G LTE networks and is poised for integration with 5G networks.

The introduction of this locally developed broadband solution showcases Malaysia's evolution in cutting-edge telecommunications technologies, catering to both domestic and global markets. By reducing reliance on foreign systems, Malaysia can enhance its technological sovereignty and safeguard vital national digital infrastructures.

The technology's capabilities and features enable seamless communication with existing networks. In addition to public safety agencies, SST aims to serve industries such as oil and gas and transportation, both locally and internationally.


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