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Sand Nisko Capital Redesignates Largest Shareholder Datuk Billy Goh As Executive Chairman

Photo Credit: Sand Nisko Capital

Following the filing with Bursa Malaysia showcasing the of increase his stake in SNC to 25.4 per cent, Datuk Billy Goh Soo Wee has been redesignated as the executive director of Sand Nisko Capital Bhd (SNC).

Datuk Goh is a corporate leader that holds several directorships in several other companies and has a strong track record in the automotive industry, having built a reputation working with dealerships and international commercial brand distributors in Malaysia, and the property development business.

"I am looking forward to leading the management and company to a greater height of achievement,” he commented in a statement. "SNC is ready to take on new challenges in the post-Covid world. Over the last two years, management has taken proactive measures to create a competitive environment within the company to take on the new phase of growth.

"With a lean, efficient, and proactive workforce, I am confident that SNC will add value to our customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders, including those involved in our supply chain."


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