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RediPay Is A Digital Payment Ecosystem That Helps You Keep Track Of Your Business Transactions

To help you shift and adapt to the rise of e-commerce.

So you’ve already got a business set up. Now, you’re going to want to make sure that your digital payment ecosystem is a seamless and secure one too—it is, after all, a key platform that’s responsible for managing all your revenue!

Catering to that need amongst companies, traders and entrepreneurs is RediPay. The leading FinTech future-ready solution by Radiance Assets Berhad that leverages on technology with business processes to offer efficient and cost-effective transaction services. Its capability to manage small to large multi-currency transaction volumes make it a suitable fit for businesses of any size.

To stand out from other similar services out there, RediPay’s unique selling point lies in its strong experience in the online trading conditions and payment processes to help automate your business transactions.

Meanwhile, their features include:

Direct settlement

You can collect and disburse payments in real-time through your integrated banks and e-wallets.

Payment gateway API integration

You get to generate API tokens and assign specific abilities to each token, enabling you to grant security credentials and identify the user, user groups and more.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

2FA is highly important to protect your data, money, and identity. With 2FA integrated, your credentials and resources are safe and secure, allowing you to access, enable, and disable anytime you like. In the event of fraud, 2FA also allows RediPay to detect the algorithm and provide solutions.

Know Your Payment

With RediPay, you’ll know who you’re dealing with because you can get to know your customers better and develop special offers to cater to specific individuals or groups. This helps to manage payments via online business channels easily and securely.

Recurring subscription

Since RediPay is a platform built on automation, you can create subscription plans for your customers with automated recurring transactions with various payment terms and modes. Great for long-term vendors, suppliers and clients!

Functional dashboard

You have access to an organised dashboard, allowing you to conveniently access real-time data and activities to make more informed business decisions. Some of the data you’ll be able to analyse are daily transactions, your biggest/smallest customers, plus banks and devices used by your customers too!

Of course, this is only a quick look at what RediPay can do to help your business. For more details about its complete range of services or to reach out to a representative, visit the RediPay website.

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