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Razer Merchant Services and PayNet Enhance Payment Experience for foodpanda Merchants

Razer Merchant Services (RMS), the B2B arm of Razer Fintech, has achieved three groundbreaking milestones in its collaboration with PayNet to enhance the payment experience for foodpanda merchants. These milestones include the migration of FPX to DuitNow Online Banking/Wallets, the provision of a complete suite of PayNet's Real-Time Payments Platform (RPP) services, and the seamless integration of online merchants.

RMS has become the first merchant acquirer to migrate FPX to DuitNow Online Banking/Wallets, an upgraded service on PayNet's RPP. This migration introduces enhanced features that allow customers to securely authenticate their purchases without the need for OTPs (One Time Pins). Moreover, RMS is the pioneer in enabling all three channels for PayNet's RPP, allowing both online and offline merchants to accept payments with seamless interoperability between participating banks and e-wallets. Additionally, RMS has become the first merchant acquirer to offer a single integration API for PayNet's RPP services, simplifying the migration process for its ecommerce merchants and reducing time and costs.

The collaboration between RMS and foodpanda, one of Asia's leading delivery platforms, has driven these remarkable advancements. Customers now enjoy a streamlined payment experience as they are redirected to their preferred bank or e-wallet for secure authentication of their purchases.

"We are thrilled to be working with foodpanda to enable the DuitNow OBW services," said Razer Fintech's Chief Executive Officer, Lee Li Meng. "As RMS is the first acquirer to enable our merchants with a full suite of DuitNow products, our merchants can now collect payments without the hassle of their customers' repetitive OTP authentication."

Chief Executive Officer of foodpanda Malaysia, Sayantan Das, emphasized their commitment to enhancing the customer experience. "Partnering with RMS to offer DuitNow OBW as a payment option is a natural next step in our efforts to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience for our customers," Das stated.

PayNet's Real-Time Payments Platform (RPP), operated by Payments Network Sdn Bhd, serves as Malaysia's national retail payments infrastructure. The integration of DuitNow Online Banking/Wallets into the platform streamlines ecommerce transactions and enhances security.

"We believe in empowering merchants by addressing their current digital payment and collection friction and pain points," said PayNet's Chief Commercial Officer, Gary Yeoh. "Through a simple API integration, the DuitNow Online Banking/Wallets launch with RMS will allow a significantly more secure ecommerce payment experience for foodpanda customers."

Razer Fintech's RMS offers comprehensive solutions to meet merchants' needs. RMS Online provides a card processing gateway supporting global scheme cards and over 110 payment methods, empowering online payments for regional and global blue-chip merchants. Meanwhile, RMS Offline boasts Southeast Asia's largest offline payment network, with over 1 million physical acceptance points, supporting point-of-sale services, cash-over-counter services, and merchant acquiring services for third-party e-wallets.

Foodpanda, a leading on-demand delivery platform in Asia, is dedicated to providing consumers with convenient access to a wide range of food and groceries. Through technological innovation and operational excellence, foodpanda is spearheading the growth of quick-commerce (q-commerce) across the region.

PayNet, as Malaysia's national payments network and central financial infrastructure, is committed to empowering the country's digital economy. With a suite of payment products including DuitNow, JomPay, FPX, MyDebit, MEPS, and IBG, PayNet ensures secure and real-time money transfers across the nation.

RMS, PayNet, and foodpanda partnership revolutionizes Malaysia's payment experience, enhancing convenience and security for merchants. With seamless integration of DuitNow Online Banking/Wallets and a unified API for PayNet's RPP services, transactions are streamlined and repetitive OTP authentication is eliminated. This collaboration sets new standards for secure and convenient payment solutions, shaping the future of the industry.


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