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Promoting Domestic and Foreign Tourism Across Two Countries

Radiance Assets Berhad Acquires 100% Stake In A Resort in Mongolia

Radiance Assets Berhad (“Radiance” or the “Group”) a Shariah-compliant investment holding company has acquired 100% stake in a Mongolian Resort – Yerru Tsonjun Tour Resort. The resort will be rebranded as = Radiance Gerelt Resort and it will be the first-ever Halal Resort in Mongolia.

Radiance Gerelt Resort is located in Erdene sum of Tuv Province, which is about 77km from Ulaanbaatar’s capital city of Mongolia. Erdene is dotted with numerous historical and endless vast land attractions that are seeped with Mongolian history, culture, and lifestyle.

The resort sits on 14 acres of land and has been in operation since 2013 with a full suite of facilities and an auxiliary farm. The resort was built with the purpose to boost tourism and horticulture in Mongolia and ultimately cooperate with foreign and domestic tourism organizations to organize programs to introduce Mongolia to foreign tourists. Under the new management, Radiance is going to build more than 10 units of Malaysian Traditional Chalets to promote the culture of Malaysia in the Land of the Blue Sky and at the same time promoting cultural tourism between the two countries. Radiance Assets Berhad’s Executive Chairman, Ezman Zamani, has spoken about his vision about the possibility for direct flights to be made available between Malaysia and Mongolia someday.

A unique element of this resort that adds value and sustainability to the business is their recreational services for the elders, with comprehensive treatment facilities, special services for the elders and caregivers. Along with the resorts auxiliary farm and greenhouse facilities, Radiance Gerelt Resort aims to be one of the tourism industry leaders in Mongolia; always seeking new things in accordance with the interests of the world-class tourism industry and senior vacationers.


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