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Powered by RISE Offers New Charging Solution For Malaysia's Growing EV Market

Local tech startup Powered by RISE has unveiled ONE RISE, their latest product that's said to be one of Malaysia’s first electric vehicle (EV) charging stations that is fully equipped with its own payment system.

ONE RISE offers a comprehensive range of advanced features including an integrated

payment system that supports E-wallet payment methods, a user-friendly interface, and

safety features like automatic shut-off mechanisms that prevent overcharging and

overheating. Furthermore, it incorporates built-in safeguards that protect against electrical

faults and other safety issues.

Founder and Director of Powered by RISE, Kray Chong shared, “To accelerate the global

transition towards sustainable transportation, it is crucial to provide electric vehicle users

with convenient and hassle-free charging experiences."

According to Kray, EV users can easily initiate charging sessions by downloading our All-in-One app from Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store. The app offers real-time monitoring of energy transfer, remaining charging time, and session cost, all accessible from their smartphone, which further enhances user convenience. This innovative solution represents a significant milestone in promoting the widespread adoption of EVs and a greener future.

Powered by RISE's approach to developing charging stations is unique, as it involves

developing its own chargers and applications, utilising the IT know-how, which enables the

organization to acquire a comprehensive grasp of the technology and tailor its products to

satisfy the unique requirements of its customers.

This approach enables the company to have more control over the quality and performance of its chargers, as well as the ability to customise products to meet clients' specific needs from different industries such as malls, hotels, condominiums, public parking areas, and many others.

Additionally, ONE RISE is the world's first charging station to implement flooding and fire

detection and prevention systems, providing users with additional peace of mind. It also

features an upgraded AI camera that enhances security measures, including license plate

detection and motion tracking. This added layer of security ensures the car and user’s safety.

As of 2023, Powered by RISE has already installed more than 14 EV charging ports, with an

additional 130 units nationwide in the pipeline.

“With the government's push for greater adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), there is an

expected increase in demand for charging solutions. Powered by RISE remains steadfast in

our commitment to providing high-quality charging solutions for electric vehicles.

Leveraging years of industry experience, we have established a reputation for delivering

innovative and dependable charging products that cater to the specific needs of EV owners.

Our charging station is powered by sustainable energy sources, reflecting our commitment

to environmental sustainability and facilitating the transition to a clean energy ecosystem.

Through our efforts, we aim not only to promote the use of renewable energy but also to

encourage the adoption of eco-friendly practices and pave the way for a more sustainable

future in Malaysia,” continued Kray.


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