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Pecca Aviation Ventures into Global Expansion for Customized Aircraft Interiors

Pecca Group Bhd's subsidiary, Pecca Aviation Services Sdn Bhd (PASSB), a leading aircraft interior service provider, is set to expand internationally by introducing its custom-made, cost-effective products, and services to the European market.

Executive Director of Pecca Group Bhd, Teoh Zi Yi, expressed the company's vision to establish long-term collaborations with international aviation industry players. By working together, they aim to shape and enhance the ultimate cabin and passenger experience.

A significant milestone for PASSB was obtaining the Production Organisation Approval (POA) C2 certification from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). This certification grants PASSB the authorization to manufacture, repair, refurbish, and install aircraft seat covers for all EASA-compliant aircraft.

Pecca Group Bhd has been involved in the upholstery industry for over 25 years and has become a prominent player in the market. They offer comprehensive services ranging from styling, manufacturing, distribution, to installation of upholstery for car seat covers and interior products. In Malaysia, Pecca Group Bhd is the largest supplier of leather upholstery to the automotive market.

With the expansion of PASSB's global presence, customers can expect the same level of expertise, quality control, and dedication to perfection that the company has been renowned for. Teoh emphasized the company's commitment to delivering exceptional results in all their engineering undertakings.


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