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OSK Ventures International achieves US$6.5 million income for 2023.

(KUALA LUMPUR) OSK Ventures International Bhd made waves last week with its fourth-quarter (4Q2023) and full-year financial report for the year ending on 31 December 2023. Despite turbulent market conditions, the private equity firm showcased its resilience, boasting an income of US$6.5 million (RM30.8 million) for FY2023, marking a 32% surge from US$4.93 million (RM23.4 million) in FY2022, along with a profit after tax of RM23.9 million.

Amelia Ong, OSKVI's CEO, attributed this success to the company's robust investment strategies and the determination of its portfolio companies. With a growing interest in innovative ventures within the private markets, OSKVI expanded its product offerings, capitalising on the momentum surrounding alternative assets like venture equity and venture debt.

Despite the challenges, OSK Ventures International forges ahead, welcoming five new transactions into its private investment portfolio in sectors such as enterprise tech, fintech, and e-commerce for FY2023. The firm also successfully exited one portfolio company, maintaining a diversified portfolio of 37 companies while actively working on a new fund.

As of 31 December 2023, OSK Ventures International reported shareholders' funds of RM248.4 million, total assets of RM258.6 million, and a total market capitalisation of RM106.1 million, based on the firm's last quoted share price at the close of trading day for FY2023.


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