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Nomura Asset Management Malaysia Launches Its First Sustainable Shariah Equity Fund

Photo Credit: Nomura Asset Management Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Nomura Asset Management Malaysia Sdn Bhd has officially established its first ESG Shariah fund titled the Nomura Global Shariah Sustainable Equity Fund. The Malaysian fund management unit of Nomura Holdings Inc expects the fund to achieve an asset under management of RM50 million within two years.

Director and country head Leslie Yap commented that this was the next natural step for the company as Malaysia is an Islamic finance hub and institutional investors have also expressed interest in the ESG and syariah fund.

Adding to that, he said their goal is to offer their clients more opportunities to invest and ways to invest according to their principles, achieve their investment goals as well as to generate positive impact.

The Nomura Global Shariah Sustainable Equity Fund is available for purchase in Malaysia in two currency classes. The minimum initial investment is RM1,000 while that for the US dollar class is US$1,000.

Climate Governance Malaysia chairperson and director Datin Seri Sunita Rajakumar added that many businesses have increased their sustainability ambition and see sustainable investment as a competitive advantage, as they want to be associated with the agenda.

“Therefore, a reliable platform is needed to open the door for more sustainable investment and to pivot in the industry since Malaysian businesses are becoming more conscious of their key performance index (KPI) and KPI business direction.

“Not only that, but the decision to invest sustainability also may be a stepping stone toward more sustainable purchase decision just among the business but for a better generation.”


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