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Nestlé’s Harvest Champions Sustainable Plant-Based Diets With #HGEatGoodChallenge Campaign

Catering to consumers becoming more environmentally and health-conscious, Harvest Gourmet, Nestlé Malaysia’s plant-based food imprint, is on a mission to foster a healthier nation with #HGEatGoodChallenge, launched in collaboration with one-stop healthcare app BookDoc.

In line with Nestlé Harvest Gourmet’s “Eat Good, Feel Good” brand philosophy, the initiative aims to encourage Malaysians to start an experiential journey, discovering easy ways to adopt tasty plant-based meals as part of their everyday diets.

Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad's CEO, Mr Juan Aranols said that more Malaysians are willing to improve their diets and are increasingly aware of the impact of their choices on the planet. "It will be a meaningful campaign to kickstart into a healthier new year, while doing good for the planet!”

Celebrity influencers Scha Alyahya, Dini Schatzmann and Qiu Wen were present at the launch event for the campaign to share their experiences of integrating plant-based meals in their diets and its positive impact on their lives, while consultant dietitian Ms Indra Balaratnam shared key insights into healthy eating.

Indra curated two simple and tasty recipes using Nestlé’s Harvest Gourmet for the challenge, which she demo-cooked at the event – Spicy Gochujang Honey Glazed Harvest Gourmet Nuggets and Spiced Harvest Gourmet Mince with Green Peas. Both recipes will be part of the 15 plant-based meal inspirations made available for participants during the #HGEatGoodChallenge.

The #HGEatGoodChallenge will run from the 10th of December 2022 to 8th of January 2023 on the BookDoc health app, with participants required to prepare and submit 15 Harvest Gourmet meals and clock up a minimum of 120,000 steps within the 30 days challenge period, to qualify for many attractive prizes.

The campaign has also drawn in F&B partners such as Epic Food Hall, KyoChon, Uncle Bob Sabah, Sheraton KL, EQ Hotel and others who will provide Nestlé’s Harvest Gourmet meal options at their restaurants for participants during the challenge period.

On top of that, all Challenge Finishers will receive an E-certificate by Nestlé RELeaf, as Harvest Gourmet commits to planting a new tree in 2023 for every participant who completes the challenge. Nestlé RELeaf is Nestlé Malaysia’s largest reforestation programme, aiming to plant 3 million trees by end of 2024.


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