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Naza Corp to Launch Durian Sales by 2027

Naza Corporation Holdings Sdn Bhd (Naza Group) has revealed plans for a durian plantation project under Naza Agro Plantation.

The initial phase will involve cultivating 580 acres of land in Raub, focusing on premium variants like Musang King. By 2027, Naza Agro aims to contribute to Malaysia's durian exports, particularly by meeting the surging demand from China, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The plantation will leverage advanced technology, including precision irrigation systems and digital agriculture technology, to enhance yields and sustainability.

Naza Agro has partnered with Top Fruits Sdn Bhd, a leading exporter of premium durians, to tap into their expertise and expand into downstream activities in the future. The project also aims to provide economic opportunities and elevate the standards of the local community in Raub.


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