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MoMo's Kuala Lumpur: Accommodation For Playful Souls

If you're looking for a cool spot for your next shindig, Momo's KL has got all that one could look for in a place; good noms and comfy beds to knock out on. A social hotel made up of micro rooms that each exude major personality, the main draw of the fun is The Playground, a step-away from the conventional lobby in favour of a vibrant space that plays host to a slew of events, parties and food pop-ups.

MoMo's also offers their own grub for the weary traveler with burgers hot off the grill, classic hot dogs and savoury waffles. And when you're all partied out, you can just crash in one of Momo's 99 minimalist rooms. Choose from either bunk beds or crash pads, every one gives a little something for everyone with all the space you need to kick up your feet and relax.

MoMo's Kuala Lumpur

Address: MoMo’s Kuala Lumpur, 316 Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contact: +603 2776 6666 /

Photo Credit: MoMo's Kuala Lumpur


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