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Mitoworld & Hiredly Host Metaverse Career Fair, Connecting Over 30 Brands With Talents

Mitoworld, a no-code metaverse-building platform, recently collaborated with Hiredly to create a virtual career fair where job seekers can connect with employers through the metaverse. Launched concurrently with the physical career fair—The Awesome Career Fair—on 3rd March, the digital fair was available for job seekers to drop in after the physical event till the 10th of March.

Job seekers from all over Malaysia visited the Awesome Metaverse Career Fair to learn about job opportunities and submit their resumes to multiple employers, watch the live stream from the physical location, and more. The metaverse career fair solved location and time restrictions and opened up a new avenue of connecting, interacting and branding for both employers and job seekers.

Mitoworld aims to empower global brands to tap into this growing market to connect with audiences online in new and creative ways through a highly engaging and accessible template-driven metaverse-building platform.

The career fair had a few touch points such as a mini game and work persona quiz which was completed by 90% of the visitors. Throughout the duration of the event, the virtual world accumulated over 1000 unique visitors with the average user spending 18 minutes in the metaverse.

“The metaverse career fair helped Hiredly embody our mission of finding the right job for everyone regardless of location and experience. The media rich and interactive experience is attractive to our target job seekers and employers were able to receive 15% more CVs in addition to the physical career fair with no extra effort,” quoted Lau Mun Yee, Vice President of Marketing in Hiredly.

Overall, the Awesome Metaverse Career Fair provided a unique and immersive platform for employers to showcase their brands and culture to potential candidates. By leveraging the power of virtual environments, employers could reach a wider pool of candidates and assess their skills in a more personalised and efficient way.

This allowed employers to make a lasting impression on candidates, increasing the likelihood of long-term memory recall. The strong emotional connection built with candidates in the metaverse could also increase the prospect of brand loyalty and advocacy leading to long-term positive impact on brand stickiness.


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