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Mental Health Platform ThoughtFull Partners AIA Malaysia To Promote Employee Mental Health Support

(Left) Joan Low, Founder and CEO of ThoughtFull and Tung Hsiao Ley, Chief Corporate Solutions Officer of AIA Bhd

In a first-of-its-kind partnership in Asia, ThoughtFull, a Southeast Asian-based digital mental health platform, with AIA Malaysia to provide their corporate customers with end-to-end mental health support as part of the AIA Corporate Solutions portfolio.

Marking the first collaboration between a mental health platform and insurance provider within Asia, the two aim to empower organisations to support their employees’ mental wellbeing with timely, personalised mental health resources, above and beyond insurance coverage for mental health conditions.

Tung Hsiao Ley, Chief Corporate Solutions Officer, AIA Bhd, has expressed that the company has long been advocates of the importance of mental health in the workplace. “Which is why we are really excited to partner with ThoughtFull to bring new and innovative mental health services to our corporate clients and their employees, under our WorkWell with AIA proposition. Our decision to work with ThoughtFull was an easy one.”

“As one of the country's largest employee benefits providers, we are optimistic of the positive change this partnership will bring to our ongoing efforts of enabling a healthier, happier and more productive workforce in Malaysia,” Tung added.

Under this partnership, both ThoughtFull and AIA will deliver improved stress, anxiety and depression management to corporate policyholders and their employees, unlocking new avenues for users to proactively engage with their mental health.

With evidence-based frameworks focusing on the spectrum of preventive to crisis support, the partnership will tap into ThoughtFull’s existing expertise in organisational wellbeing.

“Physical health and illnesses have traditionally been widely covered by insurance but the same can’t be said for mental health and illnesses in this region. This coverage gap, and consequently, the inherent costs of seeking mental health and well-being services have been a barrier to access for many,” said Joan Low, Founder and CEO of ThoughtFull.

“ThoughtFull is thus thrilled to partner with AIA, who has always been at the forefront of innovation, to address these mental health coverage gaps in the region and make end-to-end care even more accessible to all.”


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