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Masak Apa Chef? Season 2: A Celebration of Malaysian Cuisine and Compassion

Masak Apa Chef?, the Malaysian cooking show, is returning for its highly anticipated Season 2. This season, the show not only aims to delight viewers with mouthwatering dishes but also focuses on making a positive impact on the community through charity and community service initiatives. In collaboration with AEON BiG and Midea Malaysia, Masak Apa Chef? is dedicated to supporting 300 underprivileged families.

The upcoming season of Masak Apa Chef? promises to be a treat for food enthusiasts and cultural enthusiasts alike. The show brings together six talented Malaysian chefs from diverse backgrounds, showcasing their unique approaches to cooking and highlighting the rich and diverse culinary heritage of Malaysia. By featuring a "Truly Malaysia" cooking stage, Masak Apa Chef? seeks to promote the country's vibrant culture and cuisines, emphasizing the tagline "Malaysian Truly Asia."

Masak Apa Chef? Season 2 is proud to have partnered with AEON BiG and Midea Malaysia, two well-known brands with a commitment to community welfare. Recognizing the importance of giving back during the festive season, AEON BiG and Midea Malaysia have generously contributed to the initiative. The collaboration involves providing electrical appliances and food aid to support nearly 300 underprivileged families, particularly those belonging to the orang Asli community.

The donations made by AEON BiG and Midea Malaysia through Masak Apa Chef? Season 2 will directly benefit two notable non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The first organization, Play Unlimited, focuses on community building and holistic well-being through play-based activities in the Royal Belum Rainforest. The second organization, Epic Homes, aims to bridge the gap between urban and rural communities by constructing homes for orang Asli families.

The collaboration between Masak Apa Chef? and AEON BiG aligns perfectly with the supermarket's commitment to promoting cooking at home. Nazwan Effendy Choong, Head of Marketing at AEON BiG, expressed delight in partnering with the show, emphasizing its ability to inspire viewers while supporting a noble cause. The involvement of Aeon Big and Midea Malaysia in this initiative showcases their dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of Malaysians.

Mark Tam, General Manager of Midea Scott and English Electronics Sdn Bhd, highlighted the significance of cooking shows as platforms to showcase kitchen appliances. By featuring Midea's products in action within a real kitchen setting, Masak Apa Chef? Season 2 allows viewers to witness the quality and functionality of the appliances, inspiring them to explore their culinary talents.

Masak Apa Chef? Season 2 is not just a cooking show; it is a celebration of Malaysian cuisine, culture, and compassion. Through partnerships with AEON BiG and Midea Malaysia, the show aims to provide aid to 300 underprivileged families during Ramadan. By spotlighting talented Malaysian chefs and promoting diverse culinary traditions, Masak Apa Chef? continues to be a source of inspiration and community support. As viewers tune in to enjoy the delectable dishes, they can also take pride in being part of a movement that brings joy and assistance to those in need.


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