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Malaysia's First Industry-Wide Electronic Bank Confirmation Platform

Extol MSC Berhad (previously known as AppAsia Berhad), has risen to be prominent acclaim in the technology sector as one of the country’s top leading digital platform providers specializing in information communication technology (ICT) security systems, advanced mobile applications, big data, and artificial intelligence technologies.

After undergoing significant changes in 2014, with an official name change and the appointment of Mr. Calvert Wong as Executive Director all in the same year, AppAsia’s expertise has grown to include digital advertising, and the development of e-commerce websites and an e-marketplace platform.

IN 2020 it launched in collaboration with the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), the nation’s first and only industry-wide electronic bank confirmation platform, helping banks and MIA-registered auditors to process annual bank audit confirmations for 1.3 million companies.


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