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Malaysia Airlines Broadens Its Partnership Contract With Amadeus IT Group

Photo Credit: Malaysia Airlines Bhd

Malaysia Airlines Bhd (MAB) has taken to extending its contract with leading travel technology company, Amadeus IT Group to better its customer service experience, as well as corporate and travel retailers over the coming years.

The multi-year contract will involve Malaysia’s national airline adopting Altéa New Distribution Capability (NDC), Reference Experience, Dynamic Intelligence Hub and renewing its Amadeus Altéa Passenger Service System contract.

Through this integration of the Altéa NDC, aimed at modernising the way air products are retailed to travel agents, corporations and travelers, retailers will soon be able to access Malaysia Airlines’ full range of NDC-enabled content with full servicing functionalities.

MAB’s Group CEO Izham Ismail commented on the benefits of adopting NDC, as modernising airline retail is essential for the entire business travel community.

"With the new technology solutions from Amadeus beyond the Passenger Service System, we can offer relevant and richer shopping experiences by allowing customers to personalise their travels to an unprecedented level, ultimately realising our aim to become Asia’s Leading Travel and Aviation Services group.”

The Senior Vice President for Amadeus Greater China & Southeast Asia, Glen Oliveiro also mentioned how open source, cloud-based systems, and next-generation retailing capabilities will be the engine powering recovery for the travel industry.


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