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Mahzan Sulaiman Deals With To Meet Bank Negara Malaysia’s Anti-Money Laundering Rules

Photo Credit: HaloCheck Sdn Bhd

As a believer in continuous development, Mahzan Sulaiman has recently joined forces with, a fraud detection & prevention e-commerce service, to help meet Bank Negara Malaysia’s Anti-Money Laundering (BNM AML/CFT) requirements for Customer Due Diligence (CDD).

The tech-driven chartered accountant firm can now meet strict BNM compliance requirements in less than 2 minutes.

"We adopted different technologies to streamline a lot of our processes, especially with regards to accounting as well as our company secretarial services. Firms like ours need to ensure we comply with Bank Negara's policies and act as effective gatekeepers,” said Mahathir Mahzan, Founding & Managing Partner of Mahzan Sulaiman.

“With this very fast and reliable system, we can basically automate the Client Due Diligence process. We're using HaloCheck to basically streamline the whole process."

Speaking on the occasion, Mark Leow, Founder and Managing Director of, expressed that working with forward-thinking companies such as Mahzan Sulaiman and pleasure in being chosen for their e-KYC and Instant Background Screening technology to help them meet BNM AML/CFT requirements.

Reporting Institutions (RIs) must ensure they meet Bank Negara Malaysia AMLA requirements. Businesses and professionals can do this by putting into place Adequate Procedures. These procedures protect them and their assets from money laundering and terrorism financing (ML/TF) activities.


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