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Louis Vuitton Calls Upon Its Artiste Friends For Bicentenary 200 Trunks 200 Visionaries: The Exhibit

Louis Vuitton is commemorating a milestone in Maison’s extensive history with a special exhibition. Comprising of a line-up of original and unique pieces produced by some 200 visionaries dedicated to the luxury brand’s legacy, the exhibition calls upon these artists to create their own emblematic Louis Vuitton trunk with abstract concepts and dreamlike expressions.

“This project has always been about creativity, a real tribute to Louis’ ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit. We get to see how such a cross-section of talents answered the same brief while also taking a moment to appreciate the man himself,” commented Faye McLeod, Louis Vuitton’s Visual Image Director, in a press statement.

The tribute, which started in the historic family home of Louis Vuitton, Asnières, near Paris, is slated to make its way to other parts of the world like Singapore, Beijing, Tokyo, New York, and London throughout the rest of 2022. International visitors will stand the chance to experience artistic expressions from the likes of Jean-Michel Othoniel, Jean-Philippe Delhomme, Nigo, and BTS, who have all received “carte blanche” to create a unique concept. After this first stop in Paris, the exhibition will head to New York in February, and onward to other destinations every few months.

Additionally, artists who participated in the LV200 project have directed all of their fees amounting to two million euros to 15 NGOs across 13 countries, selected for their focus on uplifting young people through their creative endeavors.

At the end of the exhibition, all 200 trunks will be sold under auction at Sotheby’s in December, with all proceeds from the auction going directly to a scholarship program with the aim of ensuring access to artistic studies and skills development.


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