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LottieFiles Unveils Big Plans Following USD$37M Square Peg Capital-Led Series B Funding Round

Photo Credit: Lottiefiles co-founders, (left) Kshitij Minglani & Nattu Adnan / Lottiefiles

LottieFiles has raised USD $37 million in a Series B funding round led by Square Peg Capital, an Australian-based venture capital investor, with additional backing from XYZ Venture Capital, GreatPoint Ventures, and existing investors 500 Startups and Microsoft’s venture fund, M12.

The US and Malaysia-based motion graphics platform will use the funding to further its product roadmap and expand its operations to cater to the expanding user base through the launch of a a new design workflow and collaboration solution to its global user base in summer 2022.

This will enable designers to save more than 15 hours per asset shipped and give users 80 percent more time to focus on creativity.

“Our mission is to democratize motion design and graphics animation and make it accessible to all,” said LottieFiles’ CEO and co-founder Kshitij Minglani.

“LottieFiles completely transforms the creation and design workflow process, which empowers every designer and their teams to leverage the power of motion to create delightful user experiences. The LottieFiles team spent the last three years studying and perfecting a blueprint that now works for design and developer teams from more than 135,000 companies.”

Founded in 2018, LottieFiles has the world’s largest repository of free-to-use Lottie animations, saving motion designers and developers time and effort by not having to code motion graphics individually for each platform.


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