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Lazada Malaysia Partners With KPWKM Empower Female Entrepreneurs From B40 Margin

Lazada Malaysia is looking to empower local female entrepreneurs with help from the Women Development Department from the Ministry of Women, Family, and Community Development (KPWKM). This will focus on those from a wide background, particularly the B40 community, as a means to increase the participation of women in the digital economy.

Dubbed LAZEMPOWER, Lazada aims to increase digital adoption among marginalised women by nurturing their interest in either starting or growing their businesses. In a series of three LAZEMPOWER programmes, more than 500 local entrepreneurs expected to be upskilled with the tools, resources, and knowledge to take the digital leap and succeed online.

KPWKM deputy DG Norshahidawati Abdullah commented on the prospects of opportunities for women to thrive in business bolstered by the digital era. “KPWKM recognises the important contribution and crucial role women play in the Malaysian economy.”

“Through this strategic collaboration with Lazada Malaysia, we hope to inspire action and help them succeed as online entrepreneurs, while empowering them in their everyday lives as mothers, sisters, daughters and active members of the community.”

Adding to that, Magnus Ekbom, Lazada’s CEO said, “The goal of the initiative is to improve their livelihoods by providing them with a path to an alternative source of income, such that they may develop the necessary skills, practical tools, and motivation to succeed online."

Prior to LAZEMPOWER’s launch, ver 300 participants also joined the webinar “Jom Niaga Online”, co-organised by Lazada Malaysia and the Department of Women’s Development Selangor.

Going in the econd quarter of 2022, Lazada said it would continue to invest in supporting local entrepreneurs, while adding value to different segments of the community and building a stronger eCommerce ecosystem by working with stakeholders that contribute towards the growth of the nation’s digital economy.


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