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Largest Malaysia golden dragon sculpture unveiled at KLIA

image by MalayMail

KUALA LUMPUR: The Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is embracing the lunar new year with a magnificent golden dragon sculpture.

Standing proudly at 12 feet tall and stretching 25 feet in length, this hand-crafted masterpiece, sculpted from polystyrene, takes centre stage in KLIA's Terminal 1 as part of its Chinese New Year celebration-themed Celestial Splendour.

The sculpture, adorned in resplendent gold, has earned its place in the Malaysia Book of Records as the Largest Golden Dragon sculpture in Malaysia.

Symbolising power, tradition, and imperial splendour, the dragon is complemented by a grand dragon throne centrepiece, evoking the grandeur of 'Old China' and offering passengers a nostalgic journey.

The unveiling ceremony was graced by Malaysia Airports' senior general manager of commercial services, Hani Ezra, along with Jwan Heah Yeow Hooi, the chief marketing officer of Malaysia Book of Records, who presented the certification.

“Malaysia is a mosaic of culture, religion, and tradition, reflecting our nation's rich diversity. As we usher in the lunar new year, we are reminded that this celebration transcends cultural boundaries, bringing joy and renewal to all,” remarked Hani.

KLIA's Celestial Splendour festivities will treat visitors to various cultural performances from February 4 to February 24. Highlights include Acrobatic Lion Dances, Diablo performances, Lantern workshops, and more.

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