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KTCJ Solutions Announces Strategic Partnership With 17 Media

17 Media, an all-channel, one stop marketing solution platform based on the WeChat eco-system, has partnered with KTCJ Solutions Sdn Bhd, an innovator in digital business marketing offering solutions with technology enablement to its clients in Malaysia & Singapore.

With the new partnership, the latter looks to expand their offerings to cater to the Marketing needs of modern-day business owners and developed a comprehensive platform marketing service for its clients including WeChat ,Weibo and Little Red Book with this new partnership.

“We are excited to partner with KTCJ Solutions Sdn Bhd and combine our expertise to create innovative solutions for our clients in Malaysia and deepen our target digital distribution here in Singapore,” commented 17 Media’s CEO, SF Hu.

Since its launch in 2022, KTCJ Solutions has been providing training for companies focusing on genetics and wellness. As part of its growth plan it is also focusing on soft skill management to artificial intelligence in healthcare through collaboration with leading healthtech companies to offer programs that help people learnt to manage their anxiety, stress and body image.

“With this partnership, we believe we can create deeper connections with our communities through immersive experiences with a focus on creating meaningful relationships and fostering positive change (health and wealth) KTCJ Solutions will also help these companies to find the right influencers for their products in order to reach to their target audience”, KTCJ Solution Marketing Director, Moon C Chan stated.


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