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KLK's Lee Oi Hian redesignated as executive chairman

KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 21): Kuala Lumpur Kepong Bhd (KLK) has announced the appointment of Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian (pictured) as its executive chairman, succeeding Tun Raja Muhammad Alias Raja Muhammad Ali, who retired as the group's non-executive chairman on Wednesday.

Lee, who also serves as the chairman of KLK's parent company, Batu Kawan Bhd, has been designated to lead KLK's board in his new role. The Lee family holds a controlling stake of over 55% in Batu Kawan, which in turn owns a 47.16% interest in KLK.

KLK extended its appreciation to Raja Muhammad Alias for his invaluable contributions to the group. Raja Muhammad Alias had served as the chairman of KLK's board since May 1, 2008, guiding the company through various challenges. His tenure with the group spanned over four decades, having joined the board on July 1, 1978.

"KLK has been tremendously fortunate to have Raja Muhammad Alias as part of our board for more than 45 years, with the last 15 years as our chairman. We are deeply thankful for his wise leadership and unwavering oversight, which have played a pivotal role in KLK's growth and diversification," commented Lee.

Lee's association with KLK dates back to 1974, when he joined the company as an executive. Over the years, he has held various roles within the organisation, culminating in his appointment to the board in 1985.

Assuming the role of chairman and CEO in 1993, Lee relinquished the chairman's position to Raja Muhammad Alias in 2008 while retaining his position as executive director and CEO, thereby continuing his dedicated service to KLK.


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