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Johor Princess Tunku Kamariah Appointed Chairman of AHB Holdings Bhd

Johor princess Tunku Kamariah has assumed the role of chairman at AHB Holdings Bhd, a prominent company specializing in office interiors and furniture. Her appointment follows the recent acquisition of a significant stake in the company by RHB Trustees Bhd.

Tunku Kamariah, a respected member of the Johor royal family and elder sister to Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar, holds influential positions both in charitable organizations and the corporate world. She serves as a trustee for the Sultan Iskandar Foundation, supporting underprivileged post-graduate scholars, and is the patron of P.S. The Children, an NGO assisting sexually-abused children in Selangor and the Federal Territory.

Internationally, Tunku Kamariah acts as an ambassador for the Asian Liver Center at Stanford University in the United States. Her involvement extends beyond advocacy, as she actively participates in various construction, development, and agricultural businesses in Malaysia.

AHB Holdings Bhd, operating across Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South-Central Asia, Europe, and America, focuses on providing office interior products, furniture, and specialized computer finance solutions. Their diverse range of offerings includes System MX-DWS, Desking Covid-19 panels, meeting Covid-19 panels, workstation Covid-19 panels, electronic sit-to-stand desks, and a variety of other innovative products.

The company's recent acquisition by RHB Trustees Bhd highlights its growing significance in the industry. AHB Holdings Bhd's subsidiaries, including AHB Technology Sdn Bhd, AHB Marketing Sdn Bhd, Create Space Sdn Bhd, and AHB Distribution Sdn Bhd, further contribute to its comprehensive operations and market presence.


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