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Johnnie Walker Savours The Depth Of Blue With First-Ever 'Blue Table' Experience At Shanghai’s Taian

Johnnie Walker is kicked off the new year with the launch of 'Blue Table', an exclusive new concept curated by the Scotch whisky brand to provide discerning whisky connoisseurs and celebrities with a sensory experience like no other.

Taking place over three nights, the event was held at three Michelin star restaurants Taian Table in Shanghai, which saw VIP guests seated at blue tables as they were treated to create the ultimate fine dining experience.

The night unfolded over the course of three meticulously-choreographed chapters: 'Depth from Time,' 'Depth from Flavors' and 'Depth from Rarity' brought to life by Taian Table's Stefan Stiller presented alongside the food pairings was soon-gone-forever flavors Johnnie Walker’s Blue Label Ghost & Rare Series, an exquisitely designed dining table, and unparalleled dishes carefully prepared by the chef-owner

Closing the experience off was the pièce de résistance of the evening that came in the form of a mystery dish licked by scorching flames paired with a rare and precious sampling from the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost & Rare series, a selection of whisky blends from renowned distilleries.


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