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iQIYI and GrabFood Malaysia Launch Collaborative Variety Show "5-Star Hunter Bersama GrabFood"

iQIYI has partnered with GrabFood Malaysia to introduce a new variety show called "5-Star Hunter Bersama GrabFood." This marks iQIYI's first branded variety show and represents their efforts to establish a unique presence in the advertainment landscape.

The show premiered exclusively on the iQIYI app on June 2. Hosted by Malaysian celebrity Chef Fikree, the show combines elements of a food review and cooking show. Chef Fikree, along with local food bloggers and celebrities, embarks on a culinary journey across Malaysia, sampling authentic dishes from GrabFood's 5-Star restaurants.

The show not only provides entertainment but also offers viewers an educational experience by delving into the creation of these beloved meals and the stories behind the restaurant owners. Through seamless integration, GrabFood's services become an integral part of the show, providing a unique and immersive brand experience.


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