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IoT Community Platform MyTaman Unveils Seamless Visitor Self Service Kiosk

Photo Credit: (left) MyTaman CEO & Co-Founder, Benjamin Lim and MyTaman CTO & Co-Founder, Eric Ong

MyTaman, a IoT community app, has announced the launch of its Visitor Self Service (VSS) Kiosk platform, aimed at helping businesses navigate registration by minimizing human contact to ensure a seamless registration process at the business premises.

Visitors or employees can pre-register their attendance, scan identification badges, gain time-based QR codes and employees can optimize their workplace with data-drive insights provided by the kiosk.

MyTaman Founder and CEO, Benjamin Lim, stated that they are committed to providing innovative solutions that protect people during time of crisis.

Founded in 2015, MyTaman has been working to eliminate the need of registration counters at business premises through cutting-edge technology-enabled contactless registration to create a seamless experience for the community.

Since its first implementation of visitor management system for residential communities in January 2016, MyTaman has been providing solutions and expertise to more than 250 projects across the region, processed maintenance fees totaling up to RM30 million and has over 100,000 app users.


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