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InsureComFree Aims To Boost Financial Literacy Among Malaysians Via Partnership FinancialRuler

Fresh on the heels of its partnership with higher education institution Mahsa University, Malaysia-based Insurtech InsureComFree has partnered with FinancialRuler, a SG based financial planning software, to develop ICF FinancialRuler for all its 10,000 users.

ICF FinancialRuler provides financial literacy and planning tools, these resources are based on sound financial principles and financial resilience & intelligence. It aims to help users plan their finances and retirement through personalized financial assessments, retirement planning calculators, and investment guides. The platform also offers educational resources on money management, savings, and investment strategies.

“We are very thankful to be part of this milestone, partnering a leading InsurTech platform, InsureComFree, on a mission to bring financial literacy to all their users” Said FinancialRuler Co-Founder, Mr Paul See.

According to InsureComFree CEO Mohd Faizol, the company’s mission is to provide a platform that empowers all customers, including B40 segment, with competitively priced and commission free insurance products as well as promote financial literacy in the Malaysian society.

“Our goal is to bring the most competitive products into the market while promoting financial literacy which generally means understanding money topics ranging from income, budgeting, saving and investing. Cost should not be a reason to compromise this understanding and ICF will sponsor all its users for a start as we believe in the long term benefits of raising financial literacy,” said Mohd Faizol.

Over the last 6 months, ICF has jointly developed products with our insurance partner and offers unique product proposition. ICF has received interest from many customers including corporates especially Personal Cyber Insurance. More than 8,000 customers have been enrolled based on high concern of current cyber risk in Malaysia.


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