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Ideal Property Group Installs New Penang Technology Park At Bertam

Ideal Property Group has announced the development of a new industrial park in Bertam, located in the Northern Seberang Perai District. As one of the big scaled industrial parks prioritized on high technology, the Penang Technology Park @Bertam focuses on providing well-managed industrial spaces to investors from high technology-based companies with sectors spanning from research and technology, logistics operations, packaging solutions, and distribution centers.

The development of Penang Technology Park@Bertam is expected to offer a significant boost to the local economy, with employment opportunities set to increase for residents of the adjacent neighborhood. In addition, establishing the industrial park will facilitate the provision of internship and training programs that will benefit local students.

“The development of Penang Technology Park@Bertam integrates environment-friendly components such as utilizing solar energy in industrial applications, and renewable industrial water and waste management,” says Ooi Kee Liang, Executive Chairman of Ideal Property Group.

The park covers 880 acres of freehold land, with construction to be carried out in three phases. Groundworks for the first phase commenced in March of this year. The development is conveniently located close to major seaports, international airports, railway stations, and highways. It is located 5km from the North-South Highway Bertam, 23km from the Penang Port (Butterworth), and 42km from Penang International Airport.

Penang Technology Park@Bertam is a master plan development focusing on the high-technology industry with a mission in line for Penang 2030 and helps in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. In order to achieve this, the park will consist of initiatives for 5 areas namely: medical and research, education and incubation, space tech and cyber, innovation and smart hub, and, financial and commercial, to stimulate synergies between high-technology industries, government, professional bodies, and the community.


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