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Hydrexia Malaysia Partners Green Solution Group (TGS) To Boost Vietnam's Hydrogen Market

Hydrexia Malaysia has joined in partnership with Vietnam’s Green Solution Group (TGS) to foster a business relationship between the two geared towards promoting hydrogen technology user application in the burgeoning hydrogen market in Vietnam by leveraging each other's technology and market strengths.

Under the signed MoU, both Hydrexia and TGS are committed to work closely to explore hydrogen development projects in the Vietnamese local market includes, but not limited to to hydrogen distribution, hydrogen storage, and hydrogen refueling station information management system.

"We are excited about this partnership with TGS, as it will fully create a win-win dynamic where both companies can fully utilize our competitive strengths to seize business opportunities in a new and fast-growing hydrogen market," says Gorge Gan, CEO of Hydrexia for Southeast Asia. "Partnering with TGS certainly enlarges Hydrexia's business footprint in the Southeast Asia market."

"The collaboration between Hydrexia and TGS is expected to contribute to the growth of the hydrogen economy in Vietnam and accelerate the adoption of hydrogen as a clean energy source." added Winnie Huynh, Founder & CEO of TGS.

An international arm of Hydrexia Energy Technology in Southeast Asia, a leading integrated hydrogen technology solution provider in China with extensive global reach, Hydrexia is committed to serving the needs of the Hydrogen industry chain. To date, the company has grown its business presence to various global markets including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, and the U.S.

With the combined expertise and commitment to sustainability, Hydrexia and TGS are poised to make significant contribution to hydrogen market in the country.


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