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Hublot Taps Digital Asset Platform Ledger For Big Bang Unico Ledger Collaborative Timepiece

Hublot is marking its first venture into the cryptoverse with the unveiling of the Big Bang Unico Ledger. Done in collaboration with crypto and digital asset platform Ledger, the watch blends the best of high-end crypto technology and traditional watch craftsmanship.

The model boasts a 2mm black ceramic case, automatic chronograph in-house movement and solid “Electrum”a natural gold-silver alloy popularised in Greek societies for minting coinscast high-contrast bezel. Etched along the bezel's outer edge are "Vires in Numeris," meaning strength in numbers, reflecting the Bitcoin Latin motto and on the caseback bears the Ledger logo and the 50-piece limited-edition number.

As part of the collaboration, a limited-edition Ledger Nano X crypto wallet will also be offered as part of a three-element package, plus a special sapphire watch box. Ledger's signature digital asset wallet, the wallet is a Bluetooth-enabled piece of hardware for safely encrypting, securing, managing and growing your crypto assets. The Nano X is finished in matte black and decorated with both Ledger and Hublot logos.

"I firmly believe this is the year when the watch industry will come to embrace crypto currency,” said Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot in a press statement. “History will show the Hublot Big Bang Unico Ledger as a landmark collaboration that set the new standard for forward-thinking people who love watches, crypto and shaping the future."

Photo Credit: Hublot


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