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Hong Leong Bank’s New Data Center Awarded Highest Green Certification in Malaysia From GCI

Hong Leong Bank's (HLB) new data center has received a Titanium+ Tier nod from the Green Climate Initiative ("GCI"), an industry-leading green technology accreditation organisation. With this accreditation, the bank's data center is officially a Certified Green Computing Facility and the only facility in Malaysia to achieve the prestigious Titanium+ ranking by scoring a near-perfect 99 out of 100 points in the Certified Green Computing Facility ("CGCF") Weighted Scorecard.

The data center is the first in Malaysia to be certified as a Titanium+ Tier facility by Green Climate Initiative (GCI), a testament to the bank’s commitment to addressing climate change and the transition to a green, low carbon and climate-resilient economy

This accreditation, which was presented at the Huawei Malaysia Digital Power Summit 2023, comes as HLB continues to execute its strategic ESG initiatives, working towards its goal of being carbon neutral by 2050. The new data center, which uses open-source, latest data governance architecture to enable real-time data processing, data mining, and in-depth analysis, was developed in line with HLB's overall ESG framework.

According to Domenic Fuda, Group Managing Director and CEO of HLB, climate change will remain the most profound generational challenge which the world faces today as well as a key emerging risk for financial institutions over the next few years, given the increased regulation, demands for transparency and the need for whole ecosystems to embrace the need for action now so that future impacts of climate change can be appropriately and effectively managed.

"These initiatives and actions throughout our business are designed to create a positive impact across our customers, community and the environment, whether it's in business enablers like a data center or through our products and services that customers use."

"This certification from GCI is a testament to our commitment to putting sustainability at the core of our operations. We are proud to have the first Titanium+ tiered data facility in Malaysia," said Fuda.

HLB's new Data Centre is powered by Huawei Module Data Center which delivers simple and flexible deployment and expansion and most importantly, a self-optimisation system that reduces energy consumption and carbon footprint. For the successful deployment and attaining Malaysia's first Titanium+ certification from GCI, Huawei also presented the Bank with the "Excellence Customer of Module Data Center" award under the Deployment in Finance Category 2022.

"We are grateful that our customer Hong Leong Bank has received this certification and recognition for Huawei's Data Center Facility. In the pursuit of Next-Generation Data Centers, technological innovation will be a key force in ensuring sustainable development," said Vice President of Digital Power Business Group of Huawei Malaysia, Chong Chern Peng.

"Looking towards the future, Huawei will keep making breakthroughs in products and technologies through continuous investments in R&D and through extensive cooperation with customers, ecosystem partners, and industry organisations. Together, we can jointly usher in a new era of data center development".


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