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Hong Leong Bank Cards Become First In Malaysia To Be Accepted By Google Wallet

Hong Leong Bank (HLB) and Hong Leong Islamic Bank (HLIB) cardholders can enjoy a simple, secure and seamless contactless payment experience with Google Wallet following a move that would enable HLB and HLISB credit and debit card customers to add their payment cards to the Android platform.

Part of the Bank's efforts to implement another convenient way to enable mobile payments, this makes the bank one of the first in the Malaysian market to support Google Wallet for their cards.

Domenic Fuda, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of HLB stated that this achievement perfectly aligns with the bank’s "Digital at the Core" ethos.

"With the rapid adoption of DuitNow QR codes, mobile banking apps and mobile wallets, mobile payments have seamlessly integrated into the digital lifestyles of Malaysians and are one of the preferred transaction methods today."

”Working together with Google is part of our continuous efforts to offer simple and frictionless payment services to our customers."

With Google Wallet, HLB cardholders are able to make contactless payments leveraging on near-field-communication ("NFC") via supported Android devices by adding their HLB Cards to the Google Wallet app. Cardholders can then tap to pay wherever contactless payments are accepted.


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