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Hatten Land Enters Joint Venture To Boost eSports With Dedicated Hub

Photo Credit: Hatten Land

Hatten Land, under its wholly-owned subsidiary Hatten Technology, has set forth into a joint venture (JV) with two leading eSports organisations in Malaysia, Kitamen Holdings and the Melaka eSports Association (MEA), that will leverage on their collective resources and networks to promote eSports and work together in specific eSports-related activities.

The collaboration will see Kitamen, a Malaysia-based boutique gaming organization, and Hatten Technology set up a joint venture company (JVCo), with the former holding 40% of the shares and the latter holding the remaining 60%.

To further this venture, Hatten Technology will invest RM1 million into the JVCo over a 12-month period with the purpose of promoting e-sports in the recently rebranded Elements mall, now known as Element X.

Managing director and executive chairman of Hatten Land, Dato’ Colin Tan, shared that “eSports participation and viewership are catching up to the biggest traditional sports leagues, hence there are still tremendous growth areas for eSports in terms of ticket sales, advertising, licensing, sponsorships and merchandising.”

“Our respective partnerships set the cornerstone to creating new eSports initiatives, gain access to monetisation models and work together closely to realise our shared ambition of growing the eSports ecosystem in Southeast Asia.”


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