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H&M Taps Fashion Icon Iris Apfel For An Over-The-Top Collection Of Epic Proportions

The latest in H&M’s collaborative collection series with renowned fashion designers and gamechangers, the Swedish brand is honouring the flamboyant stylings of Iris Apfel.

As someone who champions the idea that style is for everyone, everywhere regardless of price, the glamorous and vibrant project takes notes from the fashion icon’s personal style and fierce individuality. The Iris Apfel x H&M collection offers an assortment of stunning clothing and accessories featuring a playful mix of textures, patterns and cuts.

Key garments include a rainbow of fabulous, vivid colours from a jacquard suit with peapod embroidery and pearl peas, a voluminous frilled tulle jacket to a flouncy tiered skirt and blouse set in a stunning iris flower print.

A line of jewellery and accessories has also been designed to complement the wardrobe. Taking inspiration from Iris Apfel’s love of layering and fondness for chunky statement pieces, the accessories pull from many themes, including plants, animals, and treasures from another world.

“I think H&M is fabulous and is an absolute pioneer in its field – which I love! I love doing high style at affordable prices, which H&M has mastered!” said Iris Apfel.

The Iris Apfel x H&M collection will launch on brand’s online store and in select stores starting from March 31st.

Photo Credit: H&M


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