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Graphisoft, IME Technology Zero In On Accelerating BIM Coverage In Malaysia

Graphisoft and IME Technology Sdn Bhd have entered into a strategic partnership with the aim to meet the growing demand for integrated digital architectural software solution delivery in Malaysia.

Robert Samuel, Sales Director of Graphisoft Asia Pacific, commented, "Graphisoft's vision is to bring BIM into widespread practice for the design and construction of buildings in Malaysia via model-based workflow integration. I believe, together with IME Technology Sdn Bhd, we can deliver holistic architectural software solutions with personalized technical support, role-specific training programs, and high-quality services to better support the Malaysian AEC market."

"We are extremely excited to be appointed by Graphisoft as a strategic partner to accelerate BIM implementation in Malaysia, providing architects, designers, engineers, and urban planners with an integrated digital solution to efficiently deliver their projects."

The leading Building Information Modelling (BIM) software solutions provider for architecture and engineering, Graphisoft empowers teams of building professionals with advanced technology and accompanying expertise to design and deliver great buildings with award-winning software. One such software is Archicad, which offers a complete end-to-end design and documentation workflow for architectural and engineering practices of any size.

Archicad users can drive the design narrative on the building site for faster and specific client feedback with BIMx, a popular mobile and web BIM app that extends the BIM experience to include all stakeholders in the building design, delivery, and operations lifecycle. Architects and engineers in Malaysia will benefit from Graphisoft's integrated approach to BIM workflow optimization.

"With our expertise and knowledge in this space, we are confident that our clients will get the most out of Graphisoft solutions and we are committed to helping architectural practices with the aim of making better buildings through better BIM," said CW Lau, SVP at IME Technology Sdn Bhd.

"The success of the product is reflected in the number of successful projects completed with Archicad, including the world's second tallest building, Merdeka 118 in Kuala Lumpur."


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