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Give Your Home A Rustic Touch With These Local Home Decor Brands

In a world where every home seems to need to have the latest innovation to smart living in order to be in the running for the next 'ideal home', it's always nice to go the simple route and opt for something a little more rooted in nature.

If you're on the search for hand-crafted furnishings to spruce up your modern home, these local home decor brands might just add that of personality to your space.


Photo Credit: BALAK'S

A homegrown brand that takes pride in its Penang roots, BALAK’s deals in aesthetically purposeful height-adjustable wooden tables that bring a touch of nature to the workplace. Every product is crafted from raw materials that blends traditional craftsmanship with modern notes and boasts carefully designed and detailed wood patterns, colours and textures.

Offering technological innovation and accessible pricing, their items evoke the perfect embodiment of simplicity and functionality with a bespoke Malaysian flair.

Kantan Kollektiv

Photo Credit: Kantan Kollektiv

Championing hand-crafted rattan furniture, Kantan Kollektiv offers a wide range of pieces inspired by its founders’ travels, drawing elements from both the East and West. The entire brand is emphasizes originality and individuality in all aspects of texture, form and colour and is lovingly crafted a family of dedicated artisans with skills perfected from generations of practice and mastery to make sure that no one piece is like the other.

Dad's Woods

Photo Credit: Dad's Woods

Founded by siblings, Khoo V-Ho and Giselle Khoo, Dad's Woods is a Penang-born extension of the pair's 30-year family business and love for their late father. Revamped to what it is today, the brand brings exquisite craftsmanship through custom-made wood furnishing and sofa selections made from quality Malaysian timber. Built to last for generations, every piece is meant to follow you through your family legacy.


Photo Credit: KEDAI BIKIN

This line of crafted furniture and home accessories designed by STUDIO BIKIN brings local art to the homes of its many patrons. KEDAI BIKIN works directly with the artisans involved in order that they benefit directly from these commissions and features pieces designed by regional ASEAN designers, artisans & craftsmen. The brand has also received the Innovative Craft Awards (ASEAN Selections) by The Support Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand (SACCIT) 2015.


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