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Gibraltar BSN Unveils Nationwide Development Recruitment Drive Aimed At New Sales Professionals

Gibraltar BSN Life Berhad, a Malaysian life insurance company, has announced the launch of the New Force Talent (NFT) programme, a specialised sales development initiative, aimed at attracting and training new sales professionals to accelerate its growth trajectory.

Gibraltar BSN's Chief Executive Officer Lee Kok Wah commented on the company’s aim to capitalise on the increased demand for life insurance by growing our sales force to support our growth ambitions under our transformation plan, PROPEL 2025.

"What we are offering is a stable, lucrative, and proven career path to many Malaysians who seek to build a better life for themselves after the pandemic. With only 54% of the population having some form of life insurance coverage, the market is ripe with opportunities for individuals who want to exact positive change in their community while building a steady stream of income."

According to a press release, successful applicants under the nationwide recruitment drive will undergo a structured and proven development programme where they will be equipped with financial skills and digital sales tools, individualised mentoring, and provided with a clear success roadmap.

Depending on the scheme chosen, the programme also provides successful applicants with substantial monthly allowances and various other financial incentives to support them in their entrepreneurship journey. High performing sales professionals will also be rewarded with fully paid overseas trips, exciting local getaways, and other attractive prizes.

The NFT programme is open to full-time and part-time applicants and those interested can apply here it via the programme’s dedicated website to apply as a New Force Talent.


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