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Genesis MedTech Acquires 100% Stake In JC Medical To Create New Structural Heart Franchise

Genesis MedTech Group has recently acquired structural heart company engaged in the design and development of transcatheter valve replacement products for the minimally invasive treatment of structural heart diseases JC Medical (JCM). This acquisition will allow Genesis to add JCM's minimally invasive transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) device, J-Valve, to their product portfolio.

Photo Credit: Genesis MedTech

One of only two companies worldwide to have successfully developed and commercialised a minimally invasive TAVR device approved for both aortic regurgitation and stenosis patients, the J-Valve's unique product design minimises stent migration, leading to improved safety and clinical efficacy, catering to a wider pool of patients.

"The acquisition of JCM and J-Valve exemplifies the type of innovations we envisage as part of a growing Genesis portfolio,” Warren Wang, Chairman and CEO of Genesis MedTech Group. “We are incredibly pleased to start a new Structural Heart Franchise, spearheaded by the best-in-class TAVR solution, J-Valve. By doing this we hope to better support cardiac surgeons and cardiologists in their fight against structural heart diseases."

This addition will also greatly improve the Group's ability to better meet the needs of patients, interventional cardiologists, and cardiac surgeons. Founder and President of JCM, Zhang Ji, will continue in his role as President of JCM and see him serving as CTO for Genesis' Structural Heart Franchise as well.


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