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Gaya Island Resort: Borneo's Elite Eco-Friendly Paradise

Nestled within the protected mangroves and sheltered coral reefs of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park lies Gaya Island Resort, an island retreat resting on an ancient rainforest with a stunning outline of Mount Kinabalu on the horizon.

Made up of a cluster of five islands, this beachfront haven features a series of hillsie villas all boasting contemporary and elegant interiors that give presents a concept of eco-luxury that is also respectful of Sabahan elements and blends harmoniously with the natural environment.

Despite being set in an area where human activities have already been restricted, the resort offers visitors an exclusive chance to experience an intimate side of Borneo through immersive activities such as snorkelling among spectacular coral reefs and guided nature walks.

Gaya Island Resort takes heavy pride in its efforts to bring a a positive environmental impact, and as such offer eco-friendly initiatives in place that range from conservation through education to rescue programmes. The Gaya Island Resort Wildlife Centre advocates three conservation pillars – Proboscis Monkey Preservation, Nature and Wildlife Conservation and educational Nature Trails.

Gaya Island Resort

Address: Gaya Island Resort, Malohom Bay, Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Contact: +6018 939 1100 /

Photo Credit: Gaya Island Resort


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