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From Law Graduate to Successful Beauty Entrepreneur

Kamelia Nisha Khairul Annuar, a 30-year-old law graduate, has made a name for herself as the founder of a thriving beauty brand. Despite her initial plans for a legal career, Nisha's side hustle selling her own cosmetic products, which she started during her university days, experienced exponential growth, leading her to pursue her entrepreneurial aspirations.

Reflecting on her journey, Nisha recalls the early days of her business in 2016, when she single-handedly operated from her home. Initially a part-time venture fuelled by passion of make up while she pursued her studies, the brand's rapid expansion prompted her to take the leap into full-time entrepreneurship. Nisha now leads a team of five, and her company, Kamelia Cosmetics, has its own dedicated office.

Encapsulating her lifelong passion for makeup and her fondness for mermaids, Nisha established Kamelia Cosmetics, which features a mermaid theme in its product packaging. Nisha's love for makeup traces back to her childhood, where she fondly recalls amassing a collection of 50 to 60 lip glosses by the age of eight.

Recognizing the importance of building strong customer relationships, Nisha emphasizes the role it plays in her brand's growth. Through an astute understanding of her target market, Nisha discovered that most of her customers belong to Generation Z, particularly those between the ages of 18 and 24, who actively engage with social media platforms such as Twitter and TikTok. To reach this demographic effectively, Nisha tailors her content accordingly. The hard work of posting and engaging with audiences paid off when she garnered 51k followers on her instagram.

Nisha actively involves her customers in the product development process, soliciting their opinions and preferences through surveys. By including their input in the annual product planning, Nisha ensures that her offerings align with their desires in terms of product types, colors, textures, and packaging.

Setting her brand apart from competitors, Nisha emphasizes the importance of customer engagement. Kamelia Cosmetics prioritizes responding to every piece of feedback received on social media platforms, with Twitter being a primary focus. This level of interaction helps establish a strong rapport with customers and fosters a sense of trust and loyalty.

To deliver exceptional customer service, Nisha's brand goes the extra mile. Each month, the top ten customers receive surprise gifts as a token of appreciation. Additionally, customers are treated to exclusive birthday discounts and redeemable gifts.

Recognizing the trust deficit faced by local beauty brands due to past negative experiences, Nisha is dedicated to promoting reliability and transparency. She ensures that Kamelia Cosmetics adheres to rigorous quality standards, avoiding the pitfalls of untested and potentially unsafe products.

Creating high-quality beauty products is not without its challenges. Nisha acknowledges the time-consuming nature of the formulation process, which typically takes four to six months per product. Extensive research and careful consideration of manufacturing options, both local and international, are crucial to maintaining the brand's commitment to excellence.

In a remarkable display of unwavering determination and a deep understanding of her customers' needs, Kamelia Nisha Khairul Annuar has transformed her journey from law graduate to a thriving beauty entrepreneur. With an unwavering dedication to providing exceptional products and unmatched customer service, Nisha pursues her childhood passion in the ever-evolving beauty industry.


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