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Fonterra Brings Awareness To Dairy Climate Action This World Milk Day With 'Chloe', The Cow Code

The 1st of June marks World Milk Day, celebrated to recognize the importance of milk as a global food and the dairy industry. World Milk Day also highlights the work that is being done by the sector to accelerate climate action and contribute to global ambitions to tackle climate change.

This year, Fonterra is doing their part with the launch of Cow Codes, a campaign to raise awareness globally of the farmer-owned dairy Co-operative’s sustainability and innovation initiatives to help reduce emissions.

This campaign is part of the brand’s ambition to have net zero emissions by 2050 and will see it investing around US$1billion in sustainability projects over the next decade to further reduce its climate impact.

With presence of almost 50 years in Malaysia, Fonterra is behind some of the nation’s favourite dairy brands such as Fernleaf, Anlene and Anchor who continue to provide great tasting, high-quality dairy nutrition for Malaysian consumers.

Fonterra Brands Malaysia is well on its way to make all its packaging 100% Reusable, Recyclable or Compostable by 2025, and has also installed solar panels at its factory to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Fronted by a unique QR Cow Code named Chloe⁠—who will appear in cities across the world⁠—the campaign aims to show how Fonterra is playing a lead role in developing and trialing solutions to potentially reduce dairy emissions.

Scanning Chloe’s QR Cow Code will lead people to a portal featuring educational and fun information around how Fonterra and its farmers are accelerating a more sustainable dairy farming model that is better for the environment.

“Fonterra’s mission is to be part of the solution on climate warming by reducing our methane emissions further,” says Shekhar Rapaka, General Manager of Fonterra Brands Malaysia.

“By showing the world how we are tackling the problem we hope to demonstrate that the dairy industry can actually contribute towards a resilient, low emissions economy whilst continuing to provide the nutritious goodness of dairy to the world.”

Additionally, Fonterra Brands Malaysia will also be partnering with Yayasan Food Bank for the “Eat well with Fonterra” initiative set to kick off on the 10th of June.

The programme will promote sustainable and balanced meal plans for fifty B40 families and create a long-term impact for families located in Program Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) flats in Pantai Permai and Kampung Limau by educating them on proper nourishment that is budget-friendly, sustainable, and easily replicated.

Fonterra’s in-house nutritionist and chef curated a 1-month recipe plan for breakfast and lunch to be provided along with weekly groceries that are distributed together with partner NGO, Yayasan Food Bank.

“The pandemic has impacted many financially. Many low-income families rely on food banks to meet day-to-day expenses and prepare meals for their children,” says Carolyn Lim, Human Resource Director of Fonterra Brands Malaysia.

“At Fonterra, our goal has always been to provide Malaysians with accessibility to proper nourishment. We want to deliver a sustainable solution that goes beyond monetary donations so that families can maintain a balanced diet at a minimal cost,” she added.

Aligned with its guiding philosophy of ‘Good Together’, Fonterra believes in creating a healthy business, people and environment.


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