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First KEENON Robots Showroom Aimed At Revitalizing Malaysia's Hospitality Industry

Following a memorandum of understanding with Malaysia Budget & Business Hotel Association (MYBHA), Malaysia Association Tourism Agency (MATA) and the ASEAN Retail-Chains and Franchise Federation (ARFF), the first KEENON robots showroom in Southeast Asia has officially opened as part of a joint effort to drive for automation and digitalization in the hospitality industry through the use of KEENON Robotics' technologies and automation solutions.

While having introduced the service robots to over 60 brands in industries such as food & beverage and retail in Malaysia, the opening of the showroom also marks the next level of collaboration between DSC and KEENON with the former also being appointed as the exclusive distributor in Singapore.

"We are delighted to be able to help support the Malaysian hospitality industry to increase productivity and deliver consistent guest experiences with our robotic solutions," said Mr. Enzo Wang, Regional Sales Director, South East Asia of KEENON Robotics.

"The first year with DSC was fruitful and fulfilling and we thank you DSC for the trust in us and for further strengthening the partnership and cooperation to the neighboring country Singapore. We look forward to reimagining our futures together,"

Meanwhile, DSC Managing Director, Mr. Kayden Ong, commented on the company's goal to "empower companies, especially small and medium enterprises, to move up the value chain through automation and robotics. Automation in the workplace is now more important than ever as manpower is no longer as readily available as before in the aftermath of COVID-19."

The introduction of KEENON's robots especially the BUTLERBOT W3 is aimed to revitalize the tourism industry in Malaysia by delivering an unparalleled and safe guest experience. The BUTLERBOT W3's exceptional features, such as autonomous elevator use and zero-contact privacy-focused room delivery, make it the ideal solution for hotels and tourism businesses.

This advanced technology exemplifies the company's commitment to delivering efficient and elevated hospitality services to guests. With fully autonomous positioning and navigation systems, these service robots can adapt to various real-life scenarios and situations.


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