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Fintech MoneySave Backs The First Crowdfunding Reality Show Empowering Entrepreneurs

CROWDFACTOR X (“CFX”), the world’s 1st crowdfunding reality show premiered on the 25th of February 2022 over a course of 3 episodes that were released daily. CROWDFACTOR X challenges 8 outstanding entrepreneurs, also known as nation builders, to step out of their comfort zones and pitch their way to being crowdfunded USD 1 Billion.

Photo Credit: MoneySave

For Season 1, CFX’s Top 8 finalists consisted of CEOs and industry leaders from Malaysia from the likes of Potboy Groceries' Eddie Chew, Anne Tham from Dwi Emas International School, smart farming firm GrasiCili's Munir Ashim, Vanilla Crepe's Nelson Liew , Naveen Kumar from green energy orientated Ovachem, and Hafeiz Hassan from aeronautical engineering company Singularity Aerospace, just to name a few.

The show's main sponsor and CEO of MoneySave, Vincent Soh, said “Moneysave’s mission is to Nation Build by crowdfunding and financing 100,000 SMEs or Nation Builders to ENRICH 10,000,000 Families. We have also created history as CROWDFACTOR X is also the World’s 1st Crowdfunding Reality Show”.

“MoneySave to date has crowdfunded more than RM20m to these CFX Finalists and more than RM250m to other Malaysians in the past 21 months. For 2022, we target to crowdfund up to RM1bn to more than 1,000 SMEs in Malaysia”.

The premise of CROWDFACTOR X revolves around nation builders pitching their way to safety to the next round. Each episode has key themes for the Nation Builders to win such as Industry Leadership, Economic Multiplier Impact and Economic Social Governance (ESG). The Nation Builders and judges get to vote for their favourite contestants to proceed to the next round. The Top 8 Finalists also get to be Crowdfunded via the MoneySave P2P Crowdfunding platform, a recognised P2P Crowdfunding platform by the Securities Commission of Malaysia.

CROWDFACTOR X is a reality show targeted toward current and future entrepreneurs. Ernie Chen, producer of CROWDFACTOR X emphasises ‘The entrepreneurial mindset is not about just chasing money, it’s creating value for the nation and the world. What we would like to accentuate to our audience are the stories behind these formidable nation builders. Their passion towards their craft is what makes them the successes they are today”.

CROWDFACTOR X’s distinguished lineup of judges consisting of Datuk Seri Paul Chong, ARC Group (aka as Saint SPAC); Vincent Soh, CEO of MoneySave; Naguib Mohd. Nor., President, Malaysian Aerospace Industry Association); Dr. Danielle Gambero, President, Malaysia Proptech Association; Rejina Rahim, Founder, Wahine Capital; Chris Tan, Founder, Chur & Associates and Bernice Leaw, CEO, FundingNations Investments have made this show a world-class Reality show.

Chen has also confirmed that CROWDFACTOR X would be back for a second season, with nominations to open in March 2022.

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