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FedEx Introduces Electric Vehicles to Drive Sustainable Logistics in Malaysia

FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX), has announced the integration of electric vehicles (EVs) into its fleet in Malaysia as part of its ongoing commitment to reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable logistics. The addition of the EVs marks a significant step toward achieving the company's goal of carbon neutral operations by 2040.

The first two EVs have been successfully incorporated into parcel pick-up and delivery operations within the Klang Valley. With zero-tailpipe emissions, these vehicles contribute to a reduced carbon footprint and improved air quality in urban areas. FedEx plans to expand its EV fleet further to support emissions reduction goals in Malaysia.

Tien-Long Woon, the managing director of FedEx Express Malaysia and Thailand, emphasized the company's dedication to sustainability, stating, "FedEx has been actively promoting the use of EVs as part of its sustainability goal, including the electrification of its fleet. We recognize the benefits of EVs in reducing CO2 emissions and are taking concrete steps to integrate them into our operations. Our actions support the Malaysian government's strong commitment to promote EVs and combat climate change."

FedEx has already deployed EVs in several countries throughout the Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa region, boasting the largest EV fleet in China. The company has also conducted EV trials in India, Thailand, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates to accelerate emissions reduction efforts.

Vehicle electrification is a key focus for FedEx as it strives to minimize its environmental impact. The company has set a target of operating an all-electric global pickup and delivery (PUD) fleet by 2040. By 2025, FedEx aims to purchase 50% of all new PUD vehicles as electric, with the goal of reaching 100% by 2030.

In addition to vehicle electrification, FedEx is implementing a tailored approach to resource management, encompassing initiatives to reduce, replace, and revolutionize operations both in the air and on the ground. The company is investing in fuel-saving initiatives, renewable energy, and sustainable packaging solutions.

As FedEx celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, this latest initiative aligns with the company's commitment to creating a better world. By uniting its team members behind the goal of delivering the best results for customers, communities, and the planet, FedEx is dedicated to building a sustainable future. To learn more about the company's sustainability goals, refer to their latest ESG Report.

FedEx Express is renowned as one of the world's largest express transportation companies, providing fast and reliable delivery services to over 220 countries and territories. Leveraging a global air-and-ground network, FedEx Express ensures the prompt delivery of time-sensitive shipments by specific dates and times.


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