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Fatfish Group To Furnish Investors With A Chance At Fintech Opportunities

Through its financial technology arm, Asean Fintech Group (AFG), Fatfish Group Limited, a publicly traded tech venture builder firm, will be offering the Asean Fintech Investment Opportunity in partnership with Censuria Capital Sdn Bhd.

The suite allows investors to participate in the growth and rapid expansion of the fintech segment of FFG, an integrated multi-vertical value chain across five dynamic countries in Asean with solutions and services in the areas of payments, BNPL, insurtech and wealth management.

Managing partner of Censuria, CS Wong commented that this strategic partnership between the two parties provides for future-forward investment opportunities in the multi-vertical tech and fintech value chain of FFG.

“We strongly believe in cultivating best investment practices that contribute not only to the nation and industry growth, but also to provide investment accessibility to potential high net worth investors,” he added.

Meanwhile, FFG’s CEO and director Lau Kin Wai, who also happens to be the executive director of AFG, said that the AseanFintech Investment Opportunity provides future-forward sophisticated investors with an avenue for the potential to gain wealth exposure in the tech and fintech sectors such as digitalisation, automation and intelligence era we are in.

“We are pleased to see how FFG and AFG have accelerated in growth and size in tandem with our mission to build, move and empower tech and fintech businesses under our portfolio.”


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