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Fasih Mandarin To Promote Better Employment Opportunities For B40 Through FM Scholarship 2022

Looking to improve the career opportunities and livelihoods of the growing B40 population, Fasih Mandarin has announced the launch of the FM Scholarship 2022, to help these communities cope with a tightening job market, where digitalisation and globalisation have seen employers add emphasis on seeking multi-lingual staff to cater to global markets.

Speaking about the objectives of the scholarship, Ros Mohammad Shah Farid Bin Mat Rashid, Founder & Managing Director of Fasih Mandarin, said the scholarship aims to upskill and uplift the B40 population’s language proficiency in Mandarin with the hope of opening more job opportunities. “I am personally aware of the immense opportunities a scholarship can provide - the one that I received from Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) all those years ago is what set me on the track to eventually establishing Fasih Mandarin.”

“I was able to gain valuable life experience from the scholarship I obtained. In return I would like to pass it forward, I genuinely believe that a similar educational opportunity will help ignite a spark in the young minds and inspire them to new heights.”

Established in 2018, Fasih Mandarin's main goal is to assist people who are eager and want to master Mandarin with structured yet highly interactive and easy-to-grasp methodologies. The Scholarship offers up to a 60% waiver on course fees to qualified individuals for the HSK1 beginner Mandarin online course.

“By making language lessons more accessible and affordable for the B40 population, we hope to empower them with the tools to land a secure and promising career that can not only provide them with a good source of income but from there have positive knock-on effects on the rest of their family and community,” furthers Mr. Bin Mat Rashid

The FM Scholarship 2022, represents the third round of scholarships offered by Fasih Mandarin. The previous rounds of the scholarships saw a total of 100 students receive discounted fees to participate in the HSK1 course.

To qualify, applicants must be a Malaysian citizen with an SPM/SPVM/STAM or its equivalent qualification and have an average household income of RM5,000 and below. Applications are currently open until the 31st of August and those interested can register for the FM Scholarship 2022 at the FM Scholarship Google Form.


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