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Excelsus Holdings Acquires PCB Manufacturing Firm Spectrum Integrated Technologies

Photo Credit: Freepik

Excelsus Holdings Inc. has acquired Johor-based PCB manufacturing company Spectrum Integrated Technologies Sdn. Bhd for an undisclosed amount through its wholly owned Malaysia subsidiary, Excelsus Technologies (M) Sdn. Bhd.

"We are excited and honored to acquire Spectrum so that we can offer a captive PCB factory to our customers while allaying their concerns related to diversifying our supply chain. Spectrum will become a core supplier for our global sourcing capability," said Mehul Dave, Chairman of Excelsus.

Spectrum offers a wide range of PCB manufacturing services from single-sided to complex multi-layer and burn-in boards. Spectrum was established in 2011 with the acquisition of TPT Multiflex.

Southeast Asia and Malaysia in particular offers diversity outside of China with a reliable low-cost workforce while providing solid infrastructure and access to world-class logistics with Singapore Changi Airport only 40 minutes from the Spectrum factory.

According to a press release, the holding company’s primary driver for its acquisition of Spectrum is in response to increasing customer concerns of the reliability and resiliency of the existing PCB supply chain.

Spectrum’s owner Raja Manickam commented that the company is “thrilled that Spectrum is now in capable hands and we're confident that our existing customers will get world-class service and support going forward.”

Founded by Mehul J. Dave and Michael Schumacher, who are also principals of Linkage Technologies Inc., Excelsus Holdings Inc.’s portfolio consists of firms involved in the global sourcing and manufacturing of printed circuit boards.


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