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Electric vehicles from BMW report robust sales in China

image by Getty

SHENYANG, January 14 — In a groundbreaking surge, the BMW Group reported a remarkable year for electric vehicles in the Chinese market, delivering a staggering 99,972 all-electric vehicles in 2023.

This marks a phenomenal year-on-year increase of over 138%, demonstrating the unprecedented growth and appetite for electric mobility, as per Xinhua reports.

The impressive rise in electric vehicle sales has ignited a parallel demand for charging infrastructure and energy supplementation equipment in China. As of the close of 2023, BMW's extensive public charging network boasted access to a whopping 580,000 public charging piles spread across more than 320 cities nationwide.

In an attempt to meet the escalating demand, BMW unveiled a pioneering supercharging station programme in August. These stations are equipped with high-power charging piles capable of delivering up to 600 kilowatts of charging power, setting a new standard for electric vehicle charging efficiency.

As the year unfolded, BMW made substantial progress, successfully erecting 50 advanced stations across China by the close of 2023. These stations strategically cover 17 first and second-tier cities, ensuring widespread accessibility for electric vehicle users.

In addition to the electric vehicle triumph, the BMW Group concluded 2023 on a high note, delivering over 820,000 BMW and MINI vehicles in the Chinese market. The automaker's remarkable strides in the electric vehicle landscape underscore a significant shift towards sustainable mobility and a promising future for the automotive industry in China.


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